Our mission is to provide your employees with the education, tools, and inspiration to achieve a financially-secure retirement. To achieve this, we provide them with comprehensive printed enrollment  materials, investment research tools, retirement income calculators, and planning software. And we’re pleased to announce that this coming September we will introduce iJoin, a guided enrollment  technology to help employees optimize their plan enrollment selections. iJoin promotes retirement-readiness by helping employees to establish an appropriate savings level and to select an age/risk-appropriate asset allocation. This will also be available to existing plan participants who “re-enroll” to update their savings rate and asset allocation.

To establish an appropriate savings level, iJoin presents a “gap analysis” that displays a visual representation of their projected account balance leading up to retirement as well as their projected decumulation during the years spent in retirement. This gap analysis gives employees confidence that their savings level will generate a level of retirement income that is expected to last through their life expectancy.

To establish an appropriate asset allocation, employees are presented with three different options – Choose For Me, Help Me Choose, and Choose Myself – for selecting an appropriate mix of investments from the plan’s menu of funds managed by your plan’s financial advisor.

While printed enrollment materials will still be available, we’ll actively encourage use of iJoin which will be available through our participant user website.

We will soon provide an overview of the second user site enhancement that we will also be introducing this coming September: a Financial Wellness Resource Center and Education Program.