TRPC is pleased to announce that our website and communications have been updated to reflect our new branding as a member of the USRP group of companies. The rebranding follows last April’s announced merger of TRPC with U.S. Retirement Partners (USRP).

Another important announcement is that in the coming weeks and months, TRPC will introduce two major enhancements to our web experience: a guided employee enrollment/planning portal and a Financial Wellness Resource Center and Education Program. These enhancements will be introduced this coming September and are a result of the greater resources now at our disposal as a USRP partner firm to better serve you, your employees, and the professionals who care for your retirement plan.

In addition to enhancing the employee user site, we have developed new reporting to be used by the employer and the plan’s investment advisor to assess employees’ retirement-readiness and to identify areas for improvement that promote better employee outcomes.

TRPC will continue to add services and resources to support our corporate mission to provide plan participants with the education, account management tools, and inspiration needed to achieve a financially-secure retirement.

Please look forward to future email updates letting you know what to expect as we prepare to introduce these new service enhancements in September.

We offer our continued thanks for the opportunity to serve you.

Read the original announcement about TRPC joining U.S. Retirement Partners here.