Advisor Connect

We’re excited to introduce Advisor Connect, our monthly video series designed specifically to share business-building ideas with financial professionals working with qualified retirement plans.

Aligning Plan Design with Client Goals

Download The Companion Document Most of us live in homes that were not custom-designed for us. We adapt to them rather than expect them to be optimized to how we like to live. Most retirement plans are sold the same way. Companies buy something off the shelf that was... read more

Your TPA Expert Partner Can Help You Win Business

Download The Companion Document When it comes to the administration of retirement plans, most TPAs can execute the work pretty competently. And while there are differences in quality of process and internal expertise, most of this is technical work that happens behind... read more

Advantages of an Unbundled Platform

Download The Companion Document There are some things that we’re happy to buy right off the rack. After all, mass production usually means consistency and cost-savings. On the other hand, when we do buy off the shelf, we compromise on individual choice and sometimes... read more

Plan Audits

  Download The Companion Document Your clients are familiar with the idea of an audit on their personal or corporate tax return, but they may not be familiar with an audit of their qualified retirement plan. There are two broad categories of plan audits. Today,... read more

Maximizing an Owner’s Retirement Benefit

  Download The Companion Document It’s a common story – business owners put everything into their businesses for years before being in a financial position to put real money away for retirement. Once they’re ready to really get going, we can suggest a number of... read more

Understanding how forfeitures work in retirement plans

Download The Companion Document When we talk about 401k type retirement plans we sometimes focus on the contributions made by employees that are ALWAYS immediately vested. In other words, it’s THEIR money and they can always withdraw it without forfeiting ANY-... read more

3(16) Fiduciary Services and Why You Should Care

Download The Companion Document As a financial advisor, you know that the people who exercise control and authority over the management of a retirement plan’s assets are fiduciaries. So are professionals who provide investment advice with respect to those assets. In... read more

It’s All About Relationships

Download The Companion Document There are many industry stats about 401k “sales.” Perhaps you have your own. It’s natural to talk in terms of lead generation and sales funnels and qualifying questions and, of course, closing. But, when you get down to it, it’s not... read more

Help Clients Understand Why a QDIA Matters

Download The Companion Document Under the regs, a QDIA can be either a target date fund, a balanced fund or a professionally managed account. It’s important to note that the selection of one of these needs to reflect the age and income ranges of the employee... read more

The Loan They Never Take May Make All the Difference

Download The Companion Document IRS rules provide for participant loans and hardship withdrawals from 401k and other plans. They’re not required, but rather left to the discretion of the plan sponsor. Today, there’s a good bit of debate about how... read more

Of Course Your Clients Are Fiduciaries

Download The Companion Document When it comes to the topic of fiduciary responsibilities for qualified retirement plans, there are three things we know really well: Plan Sponsors are, by definition, a fiduciary of their own plan as they exercise control and act on... read more

When to Set Sail With Safe Harbor

Download The Companion Document You already know that a 401(k) is a very popular retirement plan and, like other plan designs, it allows employees to take advantage of tax deferrals on contributions and earnings while their money accumulates for retirement. To enjoy... read more

DB Plans Alive and Well

Download The Companion Document For the most part, the news about Defined Benefit plans lately has not been particularly good. Whether a big company could no longer fund its plan or how it was bankrupting their business, headlines have discouraged many businesses from... read more

Cash Balance plans allow six figure annual contributions

Cash Balance plans allow six-figure annual contributions Most people can contribute to their 401(k) without worrying about exceeding the annual contribution limit. If you’re under 50 years old, that’s $18,000 a year. If you’re 50 or older, it’s $24,000. A small, but... read more

To Roth or Not to Roth

To Roth or Not to Roth: A compelling feature of a 401(k) type retirement plan has always been the opportunity to contribute money from your current income on a pre-tax basis today – let it work for you over the years – and then pay taxes on the accumulated... read more

Auto-Enrollment and Auto-Escalation

Auto-Enrollment and Auto-Escalation When we think about the important goals we’ve reached in our lives, like graduating from college or achieving a career milestone, the journey likely took time, perseverance, and a whole lot of hard work. But the payoff in the end... read more