Advisor Connect

We’re excited to introduce Advisor Connect, our monthly video series designed specifically to share business-building ideas with financial professionals working with qualified retirement plans.

Encourage Greater Participation with a QACA Safe Harbor Plan

Download The Companion Document You already know that a 401(k) is a very popular retirement plan that allows employees to take advantage of tax deferrals on contributions and earnings while their money accumulates for retirement. To enjoy this special status, the IRS... read more

Why Permitted Disparity Matters

Download The Companion Document When it comes to retirement plans, there are many ways to distribute a company’s profit sharing contribution. It may be as straightforward as a proportional, or “pro rata,” share to each eligible participant or it can be based on a... read more

Payroll, It’s More Than a Detail

Download The Companion Document Every retirement plan design begins with a study of a company’s payroll. It’s the essential information that drives thinking around how to optimize tax and savings potential for both business owners and their employees. Once a plan is... read more

Help Clients Find the 401(k) That’s Right for Them

Download The Companion Document You know the expression – it’s not a one-size-fits-all-world. We’re different. From the foods we eat, to the cars we drive, to the places we go on vacation. And it’s also true when it comes to 401k plans. Ask two... read more

Helping Participants Understand RMDs

Download The Companion Document In the retirement plan business, we naturally focus on helping clients accumulate wealth. But at some point we turn our attention from accumulation to decumulation. After all, everyone will reach the age at which they no longer... read more

Compliance Essentials

Download The Companion Document At a glance, compliance tests assure that every retirement plan is producing a meaningful benefit to rank and file employees and that it demonstrates a level of fairness in the benefits those same employees get as compared to the... read more

Use Benchmarking to Your Advantage

Download The Companion Document In some ways you can divide clients into two groups – those who are primarily motivated by lowest cost and those who seek value. That doesn’t necessarily align nicely with retirement plan benchmarking since it’s much easier to... read more

Mergers and Acquisitions

Download The Companion Document Everyday companies large and small make decisions to combine forces. In fact, in 2017, more than 15,000 companies announced a merger or an acquisition. And it probably won’t surprise you, but M&A activity spans all major industry... read more

When to Set Sail with Safe Harbor

Download The Companion Document You already know that a 401(k) is a very popular retirement plan and, like other plan designs, it allows your employees to take advantage of tax deferrals on contributions and earnings while their money accumulates for retirement. To... read more

Aligning Plan Design with Client Goals

Download The Companion Document Most of us live in homes that were not custom-designed for us. We adapt to them rather than expect them to be optimized to how we like to live. Most retirement plans are sold the same way. Companies buy something off the shelf that was... read more

Your TPA Expert Partner Can Help You Win Business

Download The Companion Document When it comes to the administration of retirement plans, most TPAs can execute the work pretty competently. And while there are differences in quality of process and internal expertise, most of this is technical work that happens behind... read more

Advantages of an Unbundled Platform

Download The Companion Document There are some things that we’re happy to buy right off the rack. After all, mass production usually means consistency and cost-savings. On the other hand, when we do buy off the shelf, we compromise on individual choice and sometimes... read more

Plan Audits

  Download The Companion Document Your clients are familiar with the idea of an audit on their personal or corporate tax return, but they may not be familiar with an audit of their qualified retirement plan. There are two broad categories of plan audits. Today,... read more

Maximizing an Owner’s Retirement Benefit

  Download The Companion Document It’s a common story – business owners put everything into their businesses for years before being in a financial position to put real money away for retirement. Once they’re ready to really get going, we can suggest a number of... read more

Understanding how forfeitures work in retirement plans

Download The Companion Document When we talk about 401k type retirement plans we sometimes focus on the contributions made by employees that are ALWAYS immediately vested. In other words, it’s THEIR money and they can always withdraw it without forfeiting ANY-... read more

3(16) Fiduciary Services and Why You Should Care

Download The Companion Document As a financial advisor, you know that the people who exercise control and authority over the management of a retirement plan’s assets are fiduciaries. So are professionals who provide investment advice with respect to those assets. In... read more