Introducing the Effortless IRA
Rolling over your account can be a hassle. TRPC makes it easy with the Effortless IRA. There are no paper forms to handle. No copies to be made or documents to be mailed. The entire process is managed quickly and easily online. A rollover couldn’t be easier.

Choosing investments can be maddening. The Effortless IRA has a number of ways to help you confidently and quickly make your investment choices. All available investments have met the rigorous standards established by Winslow Evans & Crocker; an independent Registered Investment Adviser (RIA). An RIA is required by law to act exclusively in your best interest. So, for example, an RIA cannot receive extra or hidden compensation from an investment. RIAs make money by helping you invest successfully. There are no conflicts of interest or hidden agendas. All available investments are reviewed regularly to ensure that they continue to meet Winslow’s high standards.

Offering a diverse selection of superior investments selected by an independent RIA is just the beginning. The Effortless IRA offers investment models that are designed to help you choose investments with risk and return attributes that meet your needs. Models are investments placed on “auto-pilot” and will continue to be appropriate as long as your investment needs remain the same. Winslow will determine the funds to include in the model and the weighting assigned to each. The models will be regularly rebalanced to ensure that the risk and return attributes stay in sync. Models free you from the ongoing care and maintenance of your Effortless IRA investments.

Every person rolling over their account to the Effortless IRA will have access to a seasoned RIA representative. In fact, an RIA representative will call you see how they can help you manage the investment selection process. Our shared ambition is to help you make investment choices that meet your needs and that allow you to sleep comfortably at night.

The Effortless IRA’s exceptionally competitive fee structure is just one more plus.

Caring for your IRA couldn’t be easier. You will be able to manage your IRA using great on-line tools accompanied by helpful people eager to take your call or on-line chat.

It really is effortless (and SMART too!)