Educational Videos About Preparing For Retirement

Below the video player is a listing of short TRPC videos that discuss topics related to saving for retirement and managing the investments in a retirement savings account. Click to watch a video, double click the video and it will appear on your screen.

Saving for Retirement


Dreaming of Retirement

Compound Returns

The Price of Delay

“Free” Money

401(k) Basics

Social Security Basics

Roth 401(k) Contributions

The Future of Social Security

Investment Basics

Stocks and Bonds

Stock Market Risk

Trailing-Period Returns Pt. 2

Balancing Stocks & Bonds

Glide Path

Rolling-Period Returns

Credit Rate Risk

Target-Date Investments

Standard Deviation

Interest Rate Risk

Trailing-Period Returns Pt. 1

Graphing Standard Deviations

Your Investment Options

Investment Options

Build Your Own Portfolio

Model Portfolio

Portfolio Monitoring