TPA Outsourcing

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We understand how important it is for many plan sponsors to have a local TPA, and we maintain service partnerships with many TPA firms to support flexible, unbundled retirement plan arrangements.  As a TPA ourselves, we understand how important it is to have a user-friendly distribution/loan processing interface and quality reporting.  Our TPA partners have access to the same reports that are used by our internal TPA staff, and – for many of our TPA partners – we provide practice management and TPA outsourcing services.

TPA Outsourcing

We know how complex the regulatory environment is and how expensive it can be for TPAs to keep up with the technologies and processes necessary to remain responsive and profitable.  We also know that some tasks are difficult to manage without significant investment in platforms, people, and processes.

TPA Engine is a division of TRPC that provides a full suite of outsourcing services to TPA firms throughout the country.  TPA Engine enables TPAs to take advantage of the significant investment that we have made in creating cost-effective solutions for the administrative tasks that all third party administrators are required to complete each year. TPA Engine offers a professional and easily-integrated outsourcing arrangement for many compliance and reporting tasks, including:

  • Compliance Data Center (CDC) plan sponsor web portal for census data collection
  • A TPA Dashboard that is used to manage year-end compliance tasks and document all communications with our outsourcing staff
  • Trust Accounting
  • Contribution Calculations
  • Compliance Testing
  • Form 5500 Preparation
  • Distribution and Loan Processing
  • Plan Documents

TPA Engine offers our TPA partner firms the following benefits:

  • Real and significant cost savings
  • Timely, responsive production support
  • Disaster Recovery/Business Continuity plans for uninterrupted performance

To learn more about TPA outsourcing services through TPA Engine, please contact us at [email protected].