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The extra mile comes standard.

Through our team of dedicated retirement planning professionals, we offer a full suite of recordkeeping, administration, and actuarial services for employer-sponsored benefit programs. In the end, results are what matter most, so we work hard to ensure that our efforts build towards the goals of the people we serve. Our service team prides itself on how well we deliver the following services:

Open Architecture Daily Valuation Recordkeeping


We offer a true “open architecture” daily valuation recordkeeping platform, which enables the plan sponsor – with the guidance of its investment advisor – to create an investment arrangement tailored to the unique needs of the employer and its workforce.  In creating the plan’s investment menu, the plan and its investment advisor have access to virtually the entire universe of mutual funds and ETFs, along with stable value funds, collective investment trusts, self-directed brokerage accounts, and managed accounts.

We do not take for granted that selecting an appropriate mix of investments is overwhelming for many – if not most – retirement plan participants.  From the plan’s menu of investments, the plan’s investment advisor is therefore able to create and manage a series of model portfolios.  Model portfolios are professionally-managed asset allocations that have proven to dramatically simplify investment selection and encourage plan participation.  At no additional cost, choosing a model portfolio gives employees peace-of-mind knowing that their mix of investments is appropriate for their age and level of risk tolerance.

Powered by SunGard Relius® web software, our participant user site includes industry-leading investment education, retirement planning, and account management tools that empower employees to prepare for retirement with ease and confidence.

Third Party Administration


As third-party administrator (TPA), our experienced team of consultants and administrators will work closely with the employer in the design, implementation, and ongoing administration of its retirement plan.

The experience and expertise of our staff ensures that plans are administered in a consistent and timely manner and that the plan’s design remains appropriate to the employer’s needs.

The TPA services provided by TRPC include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Customized plan design and installation
  • Preparation of plan documents and ongoing legislative/regulatory updates
  • Preparation of required employee notifications and disclosures
  • Calculation of employer contributions
  • Testing to demonstrate satisfaction of IRS Nondiscrimination and Coverage requirements and annual contribution limitations
  • Year-end Trust reconciliation and account activity reporting
  • Preparation of Form 5500 Annual Return/Report
  • Processing of participant distributions and participant loans

In addition to offering our own daily valuation recordkeeping platform, we maintain strategic alliances with many other recordkeeping platform providers. Whether plan assets are held on TRPC’s recordkeeping platform or with another investment provider, we are able to provide a full suite of plan design, installation, administration, and consulting services.

Defined Benefit and Cash Balance Plan Services


To view a list of frequently-asked questions (FAQs) about Defined Benefit Plans and Cash Balance Plans, please click here.

The Defined Benefit and Cash Balance Plans for which TRPC provides actuarial services range in size from sole proprietorships to large corporations. Some of the most common adopters of Defined Benefit Plans and Cash Balance Plans today are actually sole proprietors or owner-only corporations, as well as smaller professional employers (attorneys, physicians, dentists, CPAs, etc.). In addition to offering direct administration services to plan sponsors, TRPC offers actuarial services to other Third Party Administrators as TPA partners in Defined Benefit Plan and Cash Balance Plan administration.

To speak with an experienced pension consultant about our Defined Benefit and Cash Balance Plan services and how they can benefit your business or your client’s business, please contact our Defined Benefit Department Manager, Kyle Brown, at 615-515-4459 or [email protected].

READY.SET(k) Solution for New Plans

Ready Set Go LogoTRPC believes that smaller businesses deserve the ability to establish a 401(k) plan to serve themselves and their employees just as much as larger companies. However, the rules, regulations, and fees to set up and manage a plan often means small companies are forced to forego this important benefit. TRPC has solved this problem with our new READY.SET(k) safe harbor solution expressly designed for businesses starting up a new plan.

With READY.SET(k), we have simplified the setup, plan design, implementation and fee structure to provide just the features small business owners are looking for in their first 401(k) plan. But simple and low-cost doesn’t mean inferior. Quite the opposite. READY.SET(k) is supported by our expert team of consultants and is fully supported by the employer’s chosen financial advisor. And given the many custodian and investment platforms we work with, a READY.SET(k) plan can offer virtually any mix of high-quality, low-cost investments to suit the needs of each unique business.

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3(16) Fiduciary Partner Program

3(16) Fiduciary Partner Program

Managing the day-to-day operation of a retirement plan can be complicated and time consuming.

With over 25 years of retirement plan administrative experience, TRPC has the expertise to act as a co-fiduciary and reduce your fiduciary responsibilities and potential liability. Our team of CPAs, administrators, and actuarial professionals take these burdens off your plate. We focus on the administration of your plan, so you can focus on your business.

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TPA Outsourcing

TPA Outsourcing

TPA Engine is a division of TRPC that provides a full suite of outsourcing services to TPA firms throughout the country.  TPA Engine helps drive TPA firm growth and profitability by acting as a complete “back office” for year-end compliance reporting, and freeing up consultants and administrators to provide personalized service to clients.  Outsourcing services provided by TPA Engine include:

  • Compliance Data Center (CDC) plan sponsor web portal for census data collection
  • A TPA Dashboard that is used to manage year-end compliance tasks and document all communications with our outsourcing staff
  • Trust Accounting
  • Contribution Calculations
  • Compliance Testing
  • Form 5500 Preparation
  • Distribution and Loan Processing
  • Plan Documents

Depending on the needs of the TPA firm, these services may be requested as a fully-bundled solution for year-end compliance reporting, or as a customized outsourcing solution that is tailored to the TPA firm’s service requirements.

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Group/Health Benefit Programs


U.S. Employee Benefits Services Group (USEBSG), a TRPC affiliate, provides independent benefits consulting and management services through years of experience and a record of excellence that speaks for itself. USEBSG assists public and private employers and employees with the personalized employee benefits analysis and plan design that they deserve, combining the talents and experience of top benefits specialists across the country. USEBSG is proud to provide a premium, yet personal, level of service to clients looking for guidance, resources, and strategy in their benefits plan.

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