Open Architecture Daily Valuation Recordkeeping

We offer a true “open architecture” daily valuation recordkeeping platform, which enables the plan sponsor – with the guidance of its investment advisor – to create an investment arrangement tailored to the unique needs of the employer and its workforce.  In creating the plan’s investment menu, the plan and its investment advisor have access to the entire universe of mutual funds and ETFs, stable value funds, collective investment trusts, self-directed brokerage accounts, and managed accounts.

We do not take for granted that selecting an appropriate mix of investments is overwhelming for many – if not most – retirement plan participants.  From the plan’s menu of investments, the plan’s investment advisor can create and manage a series of model portfolios.  Model portfolios are professionally managed asset allocations that have proven to simplify investment selection and encourage plan participation.  At no additional cost, choosing a model portfolio gives employees peace of mind knowing that their mix of investments is appropriate for their age and level of risk tolerance.

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