TRPC is excited to introduce My Personalized Retirement—a unique personalized solution to retirement plan investing using our Next Generation QDIA strategy!

How Does it Work?

My Personalized Retirement automatically creates a personalized investment blueprint by incorporating each participant’s five unique data points currently stored in our recordkeeping system.

With the application of these five basic ingredients, My Personalized Retirement accomplishes the manage it for me approach to retirement saving. Every quarter, My Personalized Retirement will automatically rebalance each participant’s investment portfolio by incorporating changes to these five factors, keeping participants on track for their retirement savings goal.

Many retirement plan calculators and default investments rely on average participant behaviors and factors. But how many participants consider themselves average? My Personalized Retirement eliminates the guesswork by narrowing in on unique personalized identifiers to help each participant achieve retirement success, without the stress.

As your partner on the road to retirement, TRPC is committed to continuing to evolve our retirement plan technology platform; driving quantifiable retirement solutions to plan sponsors and participants.

For more information please contact TRPC Sales at 888-673-5440, option 4.